How do I stop clothes and shoes from spreading germs?

Normal washing of clothes will reduce the risk of germs being transmitted. In certain situations clothes should be washed at higher than normal temperatures and with a bleach-based product to minimise the transmission risk as much as possible.
Washing high-risk items.

If the items you are washing are likely to cause illness (high risk), they should be washed at 60C with a bleach-based product. Items are likely to cause illness if you have someone in your home who has an infectious illness. The following items are also high risk:

clothes soiled with vomit or poo (including reusable nappies)
sports clothes
cloths used in food preparation
healthcare workers’ uniforms
shared towels
clothing worn over a wound or infected skin.

Shoes are not considered a high risk, but shoes carry a lot of germs so it is always a wise option to leave shoes outside the door.

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